Non-Audition Pieces:

Dona Nobis Pacem (Missa Solemnis in C, KV. 337). by W.A. Mozart, download from, and duplicate, or buy packet for $2.00. SATB Chorus and Piano. Available (free) as part of the whole mass (begin on page 35):

   Conductor Notes: 

          A. All students should learn the solo lines even though the parts will likely be sung by soloists. Solo sections:  mm. 51-58, 68-83, 96-103, 116-120
          B.  The basses may wish to sing the low “G” one octave higher.  That is just fine.
          C.  Dona Nobis Pacem occurs at the very end of the final movement (Agnus Dei) of Mozart’s Missa Solemnis in C (KV 337).  Any good recording                       will do, but you can hear the excerpt here, beginning at 4:26.


Kyrie, from Caribbean Mass, by Glen McClure. publ. Earthsongs, SATB, Piano, steel drum, drum set. RECORDING:

Cibola, By Jackson Berkey. Publ. SDG Press, #SDG 06-102 SATB, piano, acoustic guitar, bass*
          *bass and guitar parts from SDG Press #06-102P

    RECORDING: 1.  Go to: www. berkey.comss; 2.  Select Title Searchl; 3.  Enter Cibola

This Little Light of Mine, arr. Howard Helvey. Publ. Beckenhorst, #BP1691 (JWPepper #8068006) SATB and piano
          NOTE: The phrase “Jesus gave it to me” will be sung as “It was given to me” RECORDING:

Belinda Flynn


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