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January 8 - 10, 2015

Linda Jones, Chair (Contact information in Directory)





Notes for rehearsing the 2015 Treble chorus music, from the clinician (Posted July 19)


MEIN FREUND IST MEIN:  Emphasize a light buoyant vocal technique.  The singers should feel as if this is a dance between them and the accompaniment.

LAUDATE PUERI DOMINUM:  The rhythmic “play” between the vocal lines in this piece is VERY important.   Be rhythmically precise throughout this piece. The crescendo and diminuendo markings are import for creating the style of phrasing intended by the editor.  In general this song is constructed of phrases in groups of 4 bars.  Each 4 bar phrase should build in intensity to the middle of the phrase and land gently and with a feeling of lightness on the final notes of each phrase.

All voices should sing in Latin with pure Latin vowels and good articulation.

Sop 1 & 2 should allow their upper register pitches to float and not be pushed.
Altos:  see top of page 5.  Here when the theme enters be careful not to sing this entrance in a heavy/forced chest voice.  Try to stay in a Bel Canto style vocal technique.

DANCE INTO THE DAY:  Please learn this piece at a slightly slower tempo than marked – mm120 is a good working tempo.   It is very important to sing clean intervals – no scooping please.  Aim for healthy well supported leaps.   Adhere to all dynamic markings.
Ms 35 -41 cut offs at the end of the phrase will be on the downbeat of the following measure.
Ms 43 – no breath from “sun” to “and”
Ms 47 S1 & S2 take a breath before “and”
Ms 48-54  Staggered breathing

LAKE ISLE OF INNISFREE:  I encourage you go to youtube and listen to poet Wm Butler Yeats discuss the writing of this famous poem of his.  Be prepared to discuss what this poem is about.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2FT4_UUa4I    
Note that when the poet says “Innisfree”.  He underemphasized the “s” sound in this word. It lands near to a “sh” sound, but not a lengthy American “sh” sound.   So too should the singer de-emphasize the “s” by keeping it soft and short and leaning toward a “sh” sound.

MINOI, MINOI:  This piece can be really fun to sing.  I encourage you to go on line and seek out Samoan and Pacific Rim choirs singing this piece.  Diction and rhythmic accuracy are very important to performing this piece well. This song should be sung with a slightly heavier vocal quality than the previously listed repertoire. One of my favorites:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4W_7TOI6LM

AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL (We Are a People):  Work toward 4 measure phrases. Sing clean leaping intervals.  When it breaks into 3 parts be sure to be listening for the melody, especially if you are assigned the descant.  This arrangement should be sung with a sense of pride and dignity.  However, be careful not to “over sing” and distort the intonation; especially toward the end of the piece.

Repertoire List for 2015 Treble Chorus

Rules and Regulations for Treble JH Choruses-in PDF format (Summer, 2012 revision)

Repertoire list from previous Treble Choruses-in PDF format

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