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JANUARY 14, 15, 16, 2015

Linda Jones, Chair (See Directory for contact information)


Laura Farnell will be the 2016 conductor/clinician of the JH Treble Chorus
Farnell will be a presenter at Pender's music summer reading session in Texas. This would be an excellent opportunity to meet her and ask questions.

Laura Farnell is a choral composer, clinician, accompanist, and adjudicator who resides in Arlington, Texas. After graduating from Baylor University with the Bachelor of Music Education degree in Choral Music (with a piano emphasis), Laura taught elementary music for two years in Mansfield, Texas, followed by eight years of teaching junior high choir in Arlington, Texas.

She was honored by both of her schools with Teacher of the Year awards in 2000 and 2003, and she received an Excellence in Education Award in 2004 as the Arlington Independent School District's outstanding junior high teacher of the year. 

Farnell presently serves as clinician for district, region, and state honor choirs across the country.  She also presents workshops and music reading sessions for choir directors at the district and state levels.  She has served as a clinician and/or presented at music conferences in Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wisconsin.  

A prolific composer, she especially enjoys writing and arranging music for developing choirs.  She is represented by several music publishers with more than seventy choral compositions and a co-authored sightsinging method book in publication. She and her husband, Russell, and their sons Ryan (8) and Will (4), attend First Presbyterian Church of Arlington, where Russell serves as Minister of Music and Laura directs the childrens' choirs.  Laura is thankful for the opportunity to get to know and work with the wonderful musicians of the 2016 Oklahoma All-State Treble Chorus and their fine directors!


Farnell's notes for preparation of the Treble Chorus repertoire

1. Laudate Dominum: I prefer the quarter note=88 side of the tempo. I would like to carry over (no breath) at the ends of m8-9, beat 2 of m23 to beat 3 of m 23, 26-27, 32-33, and 33-34, 35-36, 37-38. Back off dynamically at m13 and 15, then add a crescendo beginning beat 3 of those measures and continuing through the end of the next measure.  Also, back of dynamically at m 17 and add a crescendo on the long notes in m 17-18, as well as a decrescendo in m 19. In m39-43, open the mouth after the quarter releases on beat 3 to articulate the final N consonants.  We will breathe (eighth rest) after beat 4 in m29.

2. Rise Up: Initial tempo will be closer to quarter=96 with rubato throughout. The tempo will speed up slightly on the quarter notes in m13-14 and m 18-20, and the tempo will relax in measures 15-16, 23-24. Please begin the rit. on the final beat of m38.  We will breathe after the half notes in m4, 12, 16, 24, 34, and 38.

3.  Travelin' Home: Tempo at m5 will be on the faster side of tempo range (quarter note=110). In m49, please make the first note a quarter note followed by a breath on beat 2 (quarter rest)

4.  Yo Le Canto: We will cutoff on beat 4 in measure 10 and 24.  Perform claps very softly, without rushing tempo, with hands held to the left of the face about shoulder level.  Bring hands up/down at the following times:

m18-up on beat 3 

m23-down (both hands to sides) on beat 3

m30-up on beat 3

m32-down on beat 4

m36-up on "con" beat 1

m42-down on beat 4

m46-up on beat 3

m48-down (quickly) on beat 4

m52-up on "con" beat 1

m59-down on beat 4

m64-up on beat 1

5. My Very Heart: When performed as a choir, we will carry over m22-23, breathe beat 4 m24, carry over m26 (beat 3-4), breathe on beat 3 of m28, breathe after beat 1 (eighth rest breath) in m49, breathe beat 4 m51, breathe beat 4 m53, carry over m61-62, breathe beat 4 m63, carry over m65 (beat 3-4), breathe beat 3 of m67.  At m56-57, all S2s should sing the top line and all S1s may learn the cued F. (Some or all S1s will be selected for the high F.  All S2s should return to bottom line as noted for m60-end.)

6. Climbin' Up: Perform a "stopped T" (not an articuate T) on final T consonants (such as "judgement", "meet", etc.). Perform "meet you" at m24 and m68 with a marcato, separated style. Practice quiet claps (beginning at m 38) at waist level (in the middle). All S1s should learn to sing the bottom note at m74 split.  Sopranos interested in being selected to perform the high A should also learn that note.


Repertoire List for 2016 Treble Chorus (Posted April 21)

Rules and Regulations for Treble JH Choruses-in PDF format (Summer, 2012 revision)

Repertoire list from previous Treble Choruses-in PDF format

Download pdf (fillable format) order form for All-State rehearsal CDs


We will post other, updated forms as they are available from Chairs and the Board