The HS Vocal Jazz students only have one audition on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at Rose State College. The audition selection for the 2019 Vocal Jazz Ensemble is Taking a Chance on Love arranged by Meador. It is available from Alfred and J.W. Pepper.

HS Vocal Jazz Repertoire (through 2018)


Application Information

Student Entry Form – Before September 29
Each school must submit information for each student auditioning
Link to Student Entry Form

Audition Application – Before September 29
Schools must send an Audition Application
with payment (PO or check) to:
Ramona Cummings
OCDA Treasurer PO Box 2964
Edmond, OK 73083
Download the Audition Application

Emergency Entry Form – After September 29
Download the Emergency Application

Deadline and Fees

First Deadline– September 22, 2018
– $15.00 per student
– School Form must be postmarked by Sept 22

Second Deadline
– September 29, 2018
– $45.00 per student
– School Form must be postmarked by Sept 29

Emergency Deadline – Contact Chair
– $100.00 per student

Audition Date

Tuesday, November 13, 2018
– Rose State College

Audition Elements

1. Taking a Chance on Love by Darmon Meador
2. Vocal improvisation over the 12-bar blues

The first element will take place at each singer’s scheduled audition time. The improvisation section will follow immediately afterward in a different room with a different set of judges.

Demo Recording

A demo recording of the tune can be found on the website of the publisher.

Click here to access the demo recording.


Audition Notes

The piece will be auditioned on SATB only. Sopranos should always sing the highest notes, and altos always sing the lowest treble clef notes.

The audition track will begin at m15 out of tempo, and then continue in tempo at m16. Singers will begin at m17.

At m49, there will be a cut to m70. Singers will finish the word “love” (noted “luh-uh-uv”) on the downbeat of m49. The track will continue at m70, b3 (EM7 chord). Singers will then re-enter at m73. The vocal lines at mm71-72 will not be judged for the audition.

At m84, ALL TENORS will sing the line marked “SOLO” through m88.

At m93, ALL BASSES will sing the line marked “SOLO” through m96.

Triplet figures in mm19, 22, & 78 should be performed as recorded on the part track and demo recording (link listed below), which is slightly different than notated on the page.

m78 – Alto note on “a-“ of “again” should be A-natural.

On the final two measures of the piece, singers may take some rhythmic liberty with the ritardando as long as the final note is reached before the rhythm track re-enters on the final chord.


Judging Criteria

Voice Quality (20)
– Does the voice align with jazz style (i.e have minimal vibrato, use appropriate air/tone ration, navigate all parts of the range well, etc.)?
Notes (20)
– Does the singer sing the correct notes?
Rhythm (20)
– Does the singer sing accurate rhythms?
Dynamics (10)
– Does the singer sing musically at both the macro and mirco level (i.e sing with correct emphasis around the swing notes, accommodate large dynamic shifts, sing each line with direction and purpose)?
Diction (10)
– Does the singer sing the words and syllables written on the page? Does the singer use appropriate vowel shape?
Intonation (10)
– Can the singer sing in tune? This includes fast lines, held notes, and improvisation.
Phrasing (5)
– Does the singer always sing with a sense of direction? Is the direction musically appropriate and stylistically interesting?
Jazz Style (5)
– Does the singer display vocal jazz ability? Does the singer perform with a sense of ease and confidence?
Improvisation (10 per judge)
– Can the singer create musical thoughts and phrases that are appropriate with the set of chord changes provided?

Stephen Ziegler, HS Vocal Jazz Chair

Norman High School
1809 Stubbeman Avenue
Norman, OK 73069
(405) 366-5954 x8246