OkCDA has only one audition process for both the Junior High Mixed and Treble Choruses. Every interested student auditions for the Mixed Chorus. The committee will place singers after the final round.

Mixed Chorus Repertoire List (through 2018)

Treble Chorus Repertoire List (through 2018)


Application Information

Student Entry Form
Each school must submit information for each student auditioning
Coming Soon…

Audition Application
Schools must send an Audition Application with payment (PO or check) to:
Ramona Cummings
OCDA Treasurer
PO Box 2964
Edmond, OK 73083
Download the Audition Application

Emergency Entry Form – After September 29
Download the Emergency Application

Deadline and Fees

First Deadline – September 22, 2018
– $15.00 per student
– School Form must be postmarked by Sept 22
Second Deadline – September 29, 2018
– $45.00 per student
– School Form must be postmarked by Sept 29
Emergency Deadline – Contact Chair
– $100.00 per student

Audition Dates

First Round – Saturday, October 27, 2018
– Northwest (Enid High School)
Kim Duerksen, Chair
– Northeast (Broken Arrow Centennial MS)
Tiffany McGrew, Chair
– Southwest (Lawton Central Middle School)
Jacob Gonzalez, Chair
– Southeast (McAlester High School)
Aprill Raines, Chair

Click here to download the list of schools assigned to each quadrant

Second Round – Tuesday, November 13, 2018
– Rose State College

Rehearsal Tracks

– Student auditions will use the official Rehearsal Tracks which can be purchased through OkCDA

Click here to download the Rehearsal Track Order Form

Judging Criteria

Voice Quality (20)
Pitch Accuracy (20)
Rhythm Accuracy (20)
Dynamics (10)
Diction (10)
Intonation (15)
Phrasing (5)

Maximum points per selection: 100

Audition Selections

Consecrate the Place $ Day
Lloyd Pfautsch
Alfred #722161
SATB; $1.85

Cantate Domino
David Brunner
Boosey & Hawkes #15576861
SATB; $2.50

Down By the Riverside
Arr. Adams
Santa Barbara #10905451
SATB; $2.10

Non Audition Selections

Laudate Dominum
Colla Voce #3025200
SATB; $1.85

Hebrew Trilogy
Erev Shel Shoshanim (Evening of Roses)
Music by Yosef Hadar
Words by Moshe Dor
Arranged by Brant Adams
Hal Leonard #00284756
SATB & Piano – US$2.25

Am Yisrael Chai (The People of Israel Live)
Music by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach
Arranged by Brant Adams
Hal Leonard #00284750
SATB & Piano US$2.25

Where Dwells the Soul of My Love
David Childs
Santa Barbara #15124151

2018-2019 OkCDA Mixed Chorus Music Corrections
Audition Music

Down By the Riverside

  • Measures 17 & 21 should be IDENTICAL. In the score, measure 17 (bass part) is incorrect; measure 21 is correct.
  • Measures 128-129: Tenor/Bass is printed correctly. Soprano/Alto should be corrected to match the lower text. The quarter-note rest in the Soprano part is correct.

Carisa Schreiner, JH Mixed Chorus Chair

1020 Park Avenue
Frederick, OK 74542
(580) 305-7300 – Cell


Alex Rivera, JH Treble Chorus Chair

1800 Harned Drive
Bartlesville, OK 74006
(918) 766-4703