OkCDA has only one audition process for both the Junior High Mixed and Treble Choruses. Every interested student auditions for the Mixed Chorus. The committee will place singers after the final round.

Mixed Chorus Repertoire List (through 2018)

Treble Chorus Repertoire List (through 2018)


Application Information

Entry Procedure
1. Create a profile on Opus Event and link your ACDA membership.
2. Add your school(s) to your profile.
3. Locate your Quad Event and create student applications by the posted registration deadlines.
4. Print your invoice from Opus Event and 
mail your payment to Ramona Cummings
*When you mail your payment, include the paper copy of your Invoice from Opus Event

Attn: Ramona Cummings
PO Box 2964
Edmond, OK 73083

Your entry will not be accepted until all four steps are complete.

Deadline and Fees


**First Deadline – Saturday, October 10, 2020**
– $15.00 per student


Emergency Deadline – Will not be accepted after November 1st (Audition Window Opens Nov. 2)
– $100.00 per student

Audition Dates

First Round – November 1st – 7th
November 1st: Cuts will be released via email
November 2nd-4th: Auditions Open
November 5th: Auditions Close
November 6th: Auditions processed for judging
November 7th: Judging
November 8th: Results for 2nd Round

Second Round – November 15th – 21st
November 15th: Cuts will be released via email
November 16th-18th: Auditions Open
November 19th: Auditions Close
November 20th: Auditions processed for judging
November 21st: Judging
November 22nd: Final Results Released

Rehearsal Tracks

Student auditions will use the official Rehearsal Tracks which can be purchased through OkCDA.

Downloads will not be released until July 14, 2020

Link to Digital Download Order Form

Audition Selections

Hold Fast to Dreams
Susan LaBarr
Catalog: LOSBMP1136
SATB; $2.15

The Roof
Andrea Ramsey
Catalog: 24474251

Hans Bridger Heruth
Catalog: LOSBMP1392

To purchase the OCDA All-State Packet online: 
Edmond Music

Music can also be purchased at Larsen Music (Located at 63rd & NW Expressway; OKC), Gilliam Music (Located at 24th & Main; Norman) and Edmond Music (Located at 33rd & Broadway; Edmond)

Non Audition Selections

Hope Is A Thing With Feathers
Kenny Porter
Catalog: 23691351
SATB; $2.15

Sisi ni moja
Jacob Narverud
Catalog: LOSBMP1338
SATB – US $2.25

Go Down Moses
arr. Tom Shelton
Catalog: 16161561
SATB; $2.15

Judging Criteria

Voice Quality (20)
Pitch Accuracy (20)
Rhythm Accuracy (20)
Dynamics (10)
Diction (10)
Intonation (15)
Phrasing (5)

Maximum points per selection: 100

Corrections / Notes

Corrections to tracks will be listed here.

JH All-State Festival Paperwork

All in-person All-State Festivities have been cancelled for the year 2021. Please click here to read the full letter from the Executive Board.

Matt Johnson, JH Mixed Chorus Chair

611 W. Wabash
Enid, Oklahoma 73701


Justin Britt, JH Mixed Chorus Chair

Kingston Public Schools