Opening Session – Monday at 8:30am
Welcome, Clinicians’ Comments, Exhibitors’ Comments
Choir Room

Concert Hour – Monday Afternoon
Schola Cantorum Oklahoma directed by Dr. David Howard
Radke Fine Arts Theatre – Center for Transformative Learning Building

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Monday, July 12

Tuesday, July 13


Monday, July 12

Tuesday, July 13

Meetings and Luncheons

OkCDA Board of Directors Meeting
Sunday from 5:00-6:30pm
Room 111

OkCDA Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday at 5:00pm
Room 111

Director's Chorus

Sunday from 7:00-9:00pm
Choir Room

Headliner - Sandy Knudson (Elementary)

The Engaging Choral Classroom: Vocal Warm-ups and Beyond
The clinician will share ways to kinesthetically engage and inspire singers in a choral setting.  Solfege techniques, kinesthetic movement, warm-ups, motivation and management techniques, word wall and brain break activities will be highlighted. Come move, sing, and be physically and mentally engaged as we explore the engaging choral classroom for the young at heart singer (regardless of age).

The Engaging Choral Classroom: Choral Lesson Planning
The clinician will outline successful choral lesson plans that engage young singers. Many conductors want help with how to teach a piece and how to plan a rehearsal. This session will give many ideas for the creative use of solfege, teaching strategies, pacing, kinesthetic involvement, and musicianship training based on repertoire. Participants will try some of these techniques!  In addition, participants will learn how to build good choral habits with young singers, use spot practicing in rehearsal, and how to successfully ask for help. Finally, the clinician will address ways to help young singers “buy in” or take ownership of their repertoire and musical skills.

Creating Community with Team Building Games
The clinician will ask participants to join in and experience creative play and team building. Some games work best before rehearsal begins. Other games are creative ways to involve students in the warm-up or rehearsal. Finally, there are games that serve to build musicianship skills.

Tried and true reading packet
The clinician will share some favorites and continue to highlight teaching ideas. (The packet may be used in the choral lesson planning session)

All Sessions will be Monday in Room 114.

Headliner - Dr. Jeffery Redding

Click Here for Dr. Redding’s presentation outline

Secondary Presentations

Music and Fine Arts Updates from the Oklahoma State Department of Education
Elizabeth Maughan, PhD
Director of Fine Arts
Director of Advanced Placement
Oklahoma State Department of Education

Over the past 2 years, multiple projects have come to fruition at the OSDE for music and fine arts including: new standards, new curriculum frameworks, and a new federal arts education grant. Join us as we discuss these projects and initiatives that are coming soon!

Bigger Faster Stronger for Choirs
Karsten Longhurst, D.M.A.
Director of Choral Music/Asst. Dir. of Music Education
Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Learn a song in a session with Dr. Longhurst demonstrating fun and easy pitch/rhythm techniques and student-centered approaches to build musicianship every minute of rehearsal. Create confidence, accountability, and solidarity of ensemble by focusing on individual, small group, and whole ensemble activities right from the music. Grow independent musicians in a collaborative learning way! They may actually follow you!

Teaching Jazz Improv to Your Students
Jim Graves, D.M.A.
Director of Choral Activities, Vocal Jazz, & Music Education
Southern Nazarene University

Vocal Improvisation: a step by step guide to teaching jazz improvisation to beginners through advanced singers with guides for differentiated instruction and audition preparation. 

Various Reading Sessions
– HS Music
– JH Music
– Treble/Bass Music
– Jazz/Show Choir Music
– Church & Community Music
– All-State Music

All Secondary Sessions will meet in the Choir Room (135) or Band Room (104).