OkCDA HS Jazz Past Repertoire – Updated Oct 2022


Application Information

Link to be published

**Before filling out the above form, please have your current ACDA membership and a copy of the PO in PDF format.** 

**Entries will not be scheduled until digital downloads are purchased.**

Checks need to be mailed to:
Ron Wallace
PO Box 2964
Edmond, OK 73083

Deadline and Fees

Entry Deadline – September 13, 2024
$20 per entry

Emergency Entries & Voice Change Requests – Starts September 14, 2024
$100 per entry/change
Emergency Entry Form

Request for Schedule Change Form

Audition Date

Jazz Auditions Date: Wednesday, October 2, 2024
Site: Southern Nazarene University; Bethany

Audition Elements

The audition will consist of two elements:
1) A vocal jazz piece chosen by OkCDA board members; and 2) a 30-second vocal improvisation over a standard jazz form and chord progression. The first element will take place at each singer’s scheduled audition time, with the second following immediately afterward in a different room with different judges.

Updates to Vocal Improvisation Process:
Beginning in 2019, the improvisation format was revised; the exact form and set of chord progressions will change each year. Improv practice tracks will be available in a Google Drive folder with the Four Brothers audition cut track. The improv audition track used in the improv room will be released publicly via email to all directors of students registered for the jazz audition two school days prior to the audition date. This will give students and directors time to prepare without the need for a ‘cut room.’

Suggested methods of preparation:
— Vocal Improvisation by Michele Weir
— Search “Jazz Backing Tracks” on YouTube

2023 Scat Selection – TBA


Judging Criteria

Voice Quality (20)
– Does the voice align with jazz style (i.e have minimal vibrato, use appropriate air/tone ration, navigate all parts of the range well, etc.)?
Notes (20)
– Does the singer sing the correct notes?
Rhythm (20)
– Does the singer sing accurate rhythms?
Dynamics (10)
– Does the singer sing musically at both the macro and mirco level (i.e sing with correct emphasis around the swing notes, accommodate large dynamic shifts, sing each line with direction and purpose)?
Diction (10)
– Does the singer sing the words and syllables written on the page? Does the singer use appropriate vowel shape?
Intonation (10)
– Can the singer sing in tune? This includes fast lines, held notes, and improvisation.
Phrasing (5)
– Does the singer always sing with a sense of direction? Is the direction musically appropriate and stylistically interesting?
Jazz Style (5)
– Does the singer display vocal jazz ability? Does the singer perform with a sense of ease and confidence?
Improvisation (10 per judge)
– Can the singer create musical thoughts and phrases that are appropriate with the set of chord changes provided?

Holly Sisk, HS Vocal Jazz Chair