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**Before filling out the school application form, please have your current ACDA membership and a copy of the PO in PDF format.** 

**Entries will not be scheduled until digital downloads are purchased.**

Checks need to be mailed to:
Ron Wallace
PO Box 2964
Edmond, OK 73083

Deadline and Fees

Entry Deadline – Saturday, October 9
$15 per entry

Emergency Entries – Anytime after initial deadline up until Oct 30.
Contact Jazz Chair
$100 per entry
Emergency Entry Form

Audition Date

Schedules for Jazz will be available in Google Folders by Sat, Nov 6

Jazz Auditions – Nov 16, 2021 
Site: TBD

Results will be released Nov 17, 2021

Audition Elements

The audition will consist of two elements:
1) A performance of I Could Write a Book by Darmon Meader.  and 2) a 30-second vocal improvisation over a standard jazz form and chord progression. The first element will take place at each singer’s scheduled audition time, with the second following immediately afterward in a different room with different judges.

Updates to Vocal Improvisation Process:
Beginning in 2019, the improvisation format was revised; the exact form and set of chord progressions will change each year. Improv practice tracks will be available in a Google Drive folder with the Four Brothers audition cut track. The improv audition track used in the improv room will be released publicly via email to all directors of students registered for the jazz audition two school days prior to the audition date. This will give students and directors time to prepare without the need for a ‘cut room.’

Suggested methods of preparation:
— Vocal Improvisation by Michele Weir
— Search “Jazz Backing Tracks” on YouTube

2021 Scat Selection – Desafinado


Audition Notes

I Could Write a Book audition cuts:

Track starts m. 48; start singing in m. 51
Cut from the end of m. 72 to the beginning of m. 89
Sing to the end

– The demo says “perfect plot”; have your students sing “simple plot.”
– Page 8 – Measures 69-72 in the demo are instrumental, but your students will sing what’s on the page.
– Page 13 – Measures 109 – 111 is a solo and not on the learning track. Tenors and basses will not be judged on those measures.
– Page 13 – Measures 114 into 115 (“forget”) is not on the learning track. Sopranos will not be judged on those measures.



Judging Criteria

Voice Quality (20)
– Does the voice align with jazz style (i.e have minimal vibrato, use appropriate air/tone ration, navigate all parts of the range well, etc.)?
Notes (20)
– Does the singer sing the correct notes?
Rhythm (20)
– Does the singer sing accurate rhythms?
Dynamics (10)
– Does the singer sing musically at both the macro and mirco level (i.e sing with correct emphasis around the swing notes, accommodate large dynamic shifts, sing each line with direction and purpose)?
Diction (10)
– Does the singer sing the words and syllables written on the page? Does the singer use appropriate vowel shape?
Intonation (10)
– Can the singer sing in tune? This includes fast lines, held notes, and improvisation.
Phrasing (5)
– Does the singer always sing with a sense of direction? Is the direction musically appropriate and stylistically interesting?
Jazz Style (5)
– Does the singer display vocal jazz ability? Does the singer perform with a sense of ease and confidence?
Improvisation (10 per judge)
– Can the singer create musical thoughts and phrases that are appropriate with the set of chord changes provided?

Janice Vlachos received her Bachelor of Music in 1992 from Belmont University in Nashville, TN. During her 28 years as a high school director, 18 vocal groups have been selected to sing at the Colorado Music Educators Association (CMEA) annual conference. Beginning her Colorado teaching career in 1993 at Lyons Junior/Senior High School followed by eight years at Wheat Ridge High School and three years at Chatfield High School, she returned “home” in 2005 to Fairview High School in Boulder where her love of music began as a student, under the direction of Mr. Ron Revier. Ms. Vlachos is a member of CMEA, JEN, and ACDA, serving as past R & S chair for COACDA, as well as past Women’s and Jazz Repertoire and Resource chair for Southwest ACDA. At Fairview, Ms. Vlachos directs five choirs, has served as chairperson of the fine arts department, and produces and directs the annual fall musical and spring Pops show. Ms. Vlachos’ groups are frequently invited to perform throughout the country. Her SATB jazz ensemble, Excalibur, performed at the Lincoln Center in New York City and at the Jenerations Jazz Festival in New Orleans. Age of Guinevere, the SSAA jazz ensemble that Ms. Vlachos started 13 years ago, won the prestigious 2011 Downbeat Award for Large Jazz Groups. In 2013, they performed at the National American Choral Directors conference in Dallas and, in 2017, they performed on the main stage at the Jazz Educators conference in New Orleans. Last year, Age of Guinevere performed alongside highly-acclaimed artist Lauren Kinhan at CMEA; an amazing experience for all involved. Ms. Vlachos regularly collaborates with her good friend and composer Kerry Marsh and Excalibur and Age of Guinevere have both commissioned and performed numerous Kerry Marsh charts. Ms. Vlachos recently had the opportunity to co-teach a jazz seminar with Jennifer Barnes at the University of North Texas Jazz Camp. Her own participation in choral ensembles includes the privilege of singing with Kantorei (Denver, CO) under the direction of Mr. Dick Larson from 2000-2004, and with Soltane Voce (The Denver Brass Choir) for three years. Ms. Vlachos is once again collaborating with her former high school director as the current accompanist for a large adult community choir that regularly performs a vast repertoire. Ms. Vlachos resides in Boulder, CO with her husband Dean; they have two children, daughter Eleni, and son Nikolas.

Stephanie Easley, HS Vocal Jazz Chair

Mustang High School
906 S. Heights Dr.
Mustang, OK 73064
(405) 376-7827 – School
[email protected]