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OkCDA Audition Timeline

Audition Timeline for 2020-2021

Please read the following regarding the 2020 All-State Auditions

OkCDA Audition Timeline 2020-2021

Please read the following regarding the 2020 Summer Conference

To Our Membership:

We are saddened to have had to make the decision as an Executive Board to cancel our 2020 Summer Conference.  There were many deciding factors, one being that every University will be closed this summer.  We will however, still be putting a list of song recommendations from our R&R Chairs that would have been in their session on the webpage.  The webpage will be updated to give you pertinent information about All-State and any corrections like we would at the conference.  You can and should still send in your download forms for the All-State tracks from our website.  These will not start being released to teachers until July 14th.  I cannot tell you the heavy heart this presents our Executive Board with, but during this startling pandemic we strive to put you all first as always and that means keeping you safe and healthy to keep loving and teaching your students the Art of Music.

If you know of any new (first year teachers or teachers new to Oklahoma) for the 2020-2021 year, please send those names to Stephania Abell.

Thank you for your understanding,
The OCDA Executive Board 2020

OkCDA Member Benefits


Support from fellow choral musicians by discussing and collaborating with others at festivals and conventions


State and National resources – TuttiChoral Journal, and research articles from ACDA


Professional development opportunities through January and Summer Conferences

Honor Choirs

Student performing groups – OkCDA JH Treble and Mixed Choruses, OkCDA HS Jazz and Show Choirs, SWACDA and ACDA Honor Choirs


OkCDA recognizes a Director of Distinction each year. Recipients are active in choral music in Oklahoma, hold ACDA/OkCDA membership, maintain high performance and literature standards, provide outstanding leadership, and have served ACDA/OkCDA through offices held, committee work, etc.


OkCDA offers an undergraduate and a graduate scholarship to those studying voice and/or conducting with the intent of entering the teaching profession after graduation.